Life & Energy Coaching

Our personal health and well-being to our ability to contribute to the world. Being our best takes intention, attention and discipline. Partnering with a Coach makes that easier and more custom than a 'one-size-fits all' solution.

Are these some of the Pain Points you are experiencing?

  • "I'm used to being a high achiever, but now work, relationships and self-care all seem to be falling short of my expectations".
  • "I feel like I'm spinning my wheels".
  • "I spend too much time on other people's agenda's".
  • "I'm burned out and overhelmed with all the things I have to do."

What are the possibilities with Coaching?

  • Proven success with a daily sense of accomplishment.
  • Clarity and forward progress towards what matters most.
  • Commitment to self by managing energy drains with regular refueling.

    Eric Noel   Mind Mechanic

    Did you know that you have all the answers inside you? Eric has a vision for the future and a passion for guiding people to access their deep reservoirs of talent and abilities. He knows and believes that everyone can decide and become the grand vision they have of themselves. 

    In this fast changing world Eric draws from his experience in professional motorsports and diversified agriculture to guide you to listen to your intuition and nature to make the right decisions for you and your business.   


    Lisa Buell   Gold Miner

    Lisa partners with people who are called to explore, define and maximize their unique expression and contribution. For over 15 years, and using a systems approach, she has helped her clients increase their visionary capacity and identify the structures that will support the successful realization of those visions.


    Marie Frohlich   Vitality Champion

    Marie has been a champion for vitality and balance in the workplace AND at home for over 12 years - specializing in self-care and reducing stress, she uses a holistic and experiential approach to engage and inspire through individual coaching, group workshops and organizational retreats.


    Amiel Landor   Spirit Seeker

    As a trained clairvoyant with an M.A. in Holistic Psychology, Amiel brings vision, compassion, and humor to help you engage with your own spirit and soul. She says hello to your authentic center and then guides you to access that ever-present well of wisdom. She has over 15 years of spiritual life coaching, helping people world wide become attuned with their core self. From this place of self-connection, miracles happen! 



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