Entrepreunerial & Business Coaching

Vermont is one of the most entrepreneurial-rich economies in the world. Our value of innovation and "can-do" spirit have lent itself to some of the most unique and profitable brands in the country.  Whether starting from the ground floor up, growing past the inventor/entreprenuer stage of business, or cultivating a legacy in a family business, partnering with a coach can help.

Are these some of the Pain Points you are experiencing?

  • "I have created success for others; now I want to do it for me".
  • "I'm overwhelmed with how my business needs more of me than I have to give".
  • "I'm good with my business but I'm not as good with my employees".

    What are the Possibilities with coaching?

    • Personal satisfaction of creating success your way.
    • Shared business challenges with the entire team produces ownership in success.
    • Transformed relationships that fuel passion for the business.

      Deb Shannon   

      Organizations thrive when the individuals within them take responsibility for themselves and their futures. Deb develops relationships that bring courage to the mission of naming, cultivating and discovering a vision of the future, while engaging fully in the present.  In groups small and large, she inspires individuals to jump into the process and grow in ways that ultimately improve company culture, processes and reward. 


      Susan Walker   Progress Partner

      Susan has 20+ years' experience as a corporate and higher education career counselor. Her genuine curiosity about people, keen intuition, and well-honed technical skills have served early-stage professionals, entrepreneurs, aspiring artists, and seasoned executives in successful pursuit of their goals. Susan is a certified co-active coach and administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator © (MBTI) whose passion is partnering with individuals to claim their dreams. 


      Laura Lind-Blum   Idea Midwife

      Laura works with innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial folks who feel compelled to create something original – to solve a problem, improve a system, launch a project, seize an opportunity, and make a truly unique contribution -- and are challenged in bringing their ideas forward in a tangible way. Bringing ideas into the world takes courage, perseverance, practical strategies, and lots of imagination. Laura expertly draws out these qualities in her clients, supporting them to be fearless, brilliant, willing, and deeply authentic as they bring their ideas to life.


      Lisa Buell   Gold Miner

      Lisa partners with people who are called to explore, define and maximize their unique expression and contribution. For over 15 years, and using a systems approach, she has helped her clients increase their visionary capacity and identify the structures that will support the successful realization of those visions.


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